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Grammar Blooper Answers and Explanations


Items are countable, so they take fewer. Only use less for uncountable nouns - such as milk, ketchup, money, love, time.


"Fewer disputes," since "disputes" is also a countable noun.


"Band" is singular so them is incorrect. Substitute it, this or this band.


So many errors here - and ironic, since it was a Facebook post supporting teachers! "...smaller class sizes allow my colleagues and I is incorrect. It should read "my colleagues and me" because class sizes are the subject. They allow me or us to get to know students...

The second section should read "... attend to students and their families' needs" not " family's, since there are multiple students, and thus, multiple families.


Quotation marks should never be used for emphasis. As placed here, they are unintentionally humorous, suggesting skepticism about who is coming, whether the lobsters are alive or the door is actually locked, the identity of the 99¢ product and the combat-readiness of our armed forces.


"...a daughter who...," not that. Always use who or whom for people, never that.


"Everyone can see the problem but he." He is the subject of the unwritten, but understood, verb "cannot see."

Test: If you can add a verb after the pronoun, you MUST use the subject (nominative) case pronoun, such as I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they or who.


"Whom do you believe?" because you believe HIM or HER, so you need an object pronoun.


Same rule: "See whom you already know." You is the subject. You know HIM, HER or THEM.


Again, "Whom should we contact," not who. "We" is the subject, "should contact" is the verb, and HIM, HER or THEM is the object represented by whom.


"If the story weren't true..." not "wasn't."


Similarly, "if I were a rhino," not was.


So sorry to see all the trouble that the Prince is having with Queen's English!

Here's what he should have said: "I was absolutely dreading [that] they were going to come and show my wife and me ..."

Myself is only used as a reflexive pronoun! Test: If you can use me or I, then you may not substitute myself


"... they were making their Broadway debuts, not debut, because there were two women, and thus, two debuts.


"Who wore it better," not best, because the women are being compared two by two. "Best" is only for groups of three or more.


"... who dumped whom." Subject dumps object. She dumped him or he dumped her.


There is only one college student, singular. So "show him or her [that] you care."


This, boys and girls, is a REAL electric bill!. It is not a Disney character, like a cavorting teapot or candlestick holder, so it cannot look with its eyes differently. It can merely look (appear) different.

We need an adjective, not an adverb.

Blooper answers and explanations (continued)

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